3 Life Lessons from Mom

When I became a mom in 2016, its like part of a relationship I had had my entire life shifted. I understood my own mom in a way that I couldn’t fully before.

The love. The sacrifice. The creativity. Her community.


We began the next stage of our relationship as mother-daughter when Harper entered the world. This past year, I also very deeply started to understand God’s love for his children in a totally different light. The layers we can uncover about ourselves and others in various stages of our life, looks similar to an onion.

If you didn’t already know, she’s the maker behind our 3MileMom Etsy shop and she has such a passion to serve others especially new mommas! She’s always thinking of new things to make or create. You’ll love the products she comes up with, I promise!

In the spirit of Mother’s day I’ve been reflecting the many things my mom has taught me over the years.  As I think about the lessons, here’s three I can’t wait to share with my own daughter in the years to come.

  1. Treat others how you want to be treated. From a very young age this was our standard and a golden rule for our family. And while I don’t always do this, she reminds me that you never know when someone will come back into your life, and you hoped you treated them well. Its not worth it to be rude or disrespectful, you never know how it will impact the reach of your relationships with others. My mom has always extended an extra pair of hands, even when she was tired or had a million other things to do. Her ability to show up and help someone else with expectation of anything in return inspires me. Drama is hard and it can consume us.  Its a very small world and because you may never know how you have impacted a relationship, be mindful of the way you interact and treat others. With technology, it makes the world even smaller. People don’t often remember everything you’ve said to them, but they will remember how you treated them.
  2. When no one else wants to do it, raise your hand and step up. Or lean in. This has helped me get a variety of opportunities or projects I might not have otherwise had the opportunity to get.  I’ll never get the opportunity to learn if I don’t take them.  My mom always goes beyond the call of duty and has had some great opportunities because of it. For my mom its about her students, her friends, her family. She puts others needs ahead of her own many times in a week.
  3. It’s ok to ask others for help. This one is hard because my mom did it all. And she still struggles, but when it mattered most she allowed others to help. And she’s not afraid to ask. Recognizing this, and understanding I can’t do life alone, we are better together.  I ask for help because I have people in my life with different experiences than me that can help.  When I look back on any accomplishments or proud moments in my life, I had a community of people pulling their strengths to pull it off.

Today, reflect back on some of the lessons your mom has taught you and how has it shaped the person you have become? Would love to hear how you learned from your mom.

Thanks Mom!


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