3 Mile Mom

Its almost a year since the birth of my daughter. I can’t imagine life without her. It’s like everything has changed and stayed the same all in the same moment.

So what’s a 3 Mile Mom?

A few months ago I was out for a run, and I got this idea of 3 Mile Mom. Thinking back on my previous month and the runs I had completed, all were right around 3 miles.

The previous month, I had been training for a 10K, a Turkey Trot, so some of my runs I did more than 3 miles, but needless to say once I could get the three miles down and it felt good, I felt good. Obviously as noted below…(I’m the one with the Orange Bob Stroller and one of my good friends in the other stroller. #momlife #eatmoreveggies)

After I was done with the race, and I didn’t really have much to train for, I kept wanting to just do 3 miles. And then it started to hit me. I’d basically been walking or running three miles daily for the last few years.

If I rewind to when I was pregnant with Harper, I had walked almost daily and usually right around 3 miles. (2 towards the end because I would always have to pee!). I really feel like this help me labor and heal so quickly.

After I had Harper, and because I live in a sunshine state, Arizona, I spent most mornings or afternoons on a walk with Harper. It started out being my one thing I did every day. As my world had just been flipped on its head, the only thing I could keep the same was my walks. In the first few days at home, I’d literally go outside and around the block to get the mail and that was plenty.

I quickly worked my way up to walking much more, and I often had friends over to walk those first few weeks while I was on maternity leave. Others who were pregnant, or new mommas themselves. I loved the conversations and the time I’d have with them on the canal behind my house.

So what’s a 3 mile mom? As we go on this journey together, a mile at a time, I’m excited to discover what this means and how you can add your own miles.

For now, I will be sharing about my life and journey. I’ll be sharing my ideas about getting active and staying sane. I’ll be sharing how you can start walking your own 3 miles, wherever you might be.

(Here’s us at the Grand Canyon, getting our 3 miles in that day. Harper was less than thrilled to see snow and be cold.)

Wanna join me?

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