Hi there! My name is Allison and I’ve been married to Ed for just over 9 years. We’ve been lucky enough to been blessed with a daughter Harper who just turned three. We also have a son named Mason, who was recently diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder called, STXBP1.

We like to race together as a family when we can. Below this picture was taken at the Akron Marathon in 2018, where Ed and I were part of a relay. It was a picture perfect day in Akron.

I’ve worked at companies like Yammer, Microsoft, Hootsuite and Zenefits. Late 2016 I took a break from that and started consulting for businesses and start ups over at AllisonMichels.com .

I am passionate about creating conditions where people can foster relationships, build trust and form a community. And I love being outside.

Community is essential to the reason why I started 3 Mile Mom. Its about the conversations that can happen while you are on a walk or run with yourself or someone else, albeit your partner or a friend.

I believe that walking and/or running 3 miles at least 3 times a week can change your life.

When I was pregnant with Harper, I walked 3 miles almost daily during my pregnancy. After I had her, walking was all I could do during the “sick” season to keep myself sane and out of the house. And then when I got the all clear to run again, I began to build up my endurance to be able to run 3 miles again.

3 miles is enough. Enough to make a difference. In your health. Your sanity. And maybe even in your relationships.

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