Growing up, my mom was creative beyond belief; she had to be raising four kids. She sewed so many clothes for us as kids  and I remember doing plenty of crafts together as a family.

Fast forward to present day, I welcomed my own daughter to the world. My mom’s creative juices never cease to amaze me. She always has to be doing something with her hands to keep herself busy!

She made my daughter gifts that I’ll always treasure. They are practical and most often not found in stores. She is usually trendier than me and keeps me and my daughter in style.

We’ve opened up an Etsy shop based on what I loved and couldn’t live without this past year with Harper.

She’s made adorable, interchangeable pacifier clips, bibs out of dishtowels, teething jewelry (a must if/when you travel) and more.  These are great gifts for first time mammas, or even extras to have on hand for extended family.

See below for an example the pacifier clip and the adjustable headband.

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