How I started Running – Guest Blogger Winnie Storer

This is a guest post by Winnie Storer.  This is part of a series of posts from women of all walks of life, sharing tips and their passion with other women.


My whole life I’ve never been a runner, let alone like running.  As I got older, I enjoyed working out if it was circuit training classes, yoga, etc.  However, I always seemed to need to find a reason to work out and most of the time it was for my physical appearance, if it was before getting married or a vacation.

In January 2015, my life changed when I had my daughter, she became the center of my world and I definitely neglected taking care of myself, I wanted to spend all my free time with her.  In the Fall 2016, we decided to start “trying” again for another baby.  It did not take us long to find out I was pregnant again, but this time it was different.  Unfortunately after 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, I had a miscarriage.

My miscarriage was considered abnormal and to spare you the details it took about 4-5 months for me to completely recover from it and be back to “normal.”  Those months I felt like I was constantly living in the nightmare of my miscarriage.  You always hear miscarriage is very common especially in the first trimester, what I didn’t realize how much it would affect me mentally not just physically.  This miscarriage definitely put me in a dark place and caused a lot of stress. I felt like I wasn’t able to fully be there for my husband or daughter.  I felt like I was mourning over my lost when I should be more grateful I was able to have one beautiful daughter already.

My employer partakes in a 5K race yearly and I decided to sign up for it.  I felt like this was a great opportunity for me to get back into working out.  What happened to me in the past was out of my control, what I can try to control is to get back into a healthy lifestyle. 

My goal was to try to run the entire 5K without stopping to walk.  I was very fortunately to have supportive co-workers who was active runners willing to help “train” me.  We started to go for runs on our lunch breaks.  It started with a 1 mile run and each week I increased it until after about a month I was running 3 miles already.  I decided to set a stretch goal of finishing the race in less than 30 minutes.  Fast forward 2.5 months of training and I was able to surpass my goals the day of the race!

I knew running would help me get back into shape what I didn’t’ realize is how much it helped me get out of the dark place I was in after my miscarriage.  I realized the importance of taking care myself so I can be the best mom and wife I can be for my family.

My advice is to find others that share the same passion for running; it definitely helped encourage me to run and helped me reach my goals.  When you find yourself struggling, remember what motivated you to run in the first place.  My miscarriage put me in a very dark place; I decided to turn that into my motivation to get back into healthier lifestyle.  Miscarriage/infertility is something many women experience and don’t talk about, I hope with sharing my story I can help others that are going through this or has been  through something similar and what I did to help me overcome it.

More about Winnie Storer

I am married to my college sweetheart, Micheal, going on 5 years and currently have 1 daughter, Karlin, who is 2.5 years old.  I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. I work at Franklin University in Graduate Admissions.  Franklin University campus is located in the heart of downtown Columbus which gives me some beautiful views to enjoy when I go on my runs. The 5k I ran in was the Challenge Columbus. I don’t have any 5ks in the future planned just yet but I plan on running more and maybe even doing a 10k in the near future. 🙂