Moms, here’s how YOU get in the picture – Guest Blogger Christal Marshall

This is a guest post written by  Christal Marshall. 


So every month, I organize my photos into a folder and upload them to Amazon Drive (for archiving). By the way, if you are not backing up your files, you might have a computer crash and lose everything!!!


So in the midst of looking through all of my files. I saw hundreds of pictures, but NONE were of me. 

I felt a little sad.  It reminds me of my childhood. After looking through boxes and boxes of old slides and negatives, I saw a lot of my brother and I. But only a few of my mom with us.  In fact, out of hundreds that I scanned for my mom, I only found 5 or 6 (besides the 90’s Olan Mills ones of course).

They were mostly posed moments of us at a relative’s house or us at a park. But none of them were beautiful and loving-filled moments.

Back then it was different. Film was expensive. And developing the film was even more expensive.  Plus, you had to worry about saving all of these photos into albums.


Maybe this is why I became a photographer.

So now, with my own family. I don’t want a month to go by, without at least a few photos of me,  doing what I love- being a mom!


Scared about being in front of the camera? Self-conscience a bit? Want to lose more weight or do your hair? Guess what? Your kids just want to see you with them. They want to remember you- with your messy hair- with your no makeup. Don’t wait until you look your best to be in front of the camera- you might miss out on special moments! 



3 tips for getting in the picture:


Tip #1 Give your camera to someone else. Your husband or older kid can surely press a button.


This picture below is one that my daughter took of me and  my husband. It’s out of focus a bit and my neck looks HUGE,  but I still LOVE it!


This photo is cute and it still has my children’s personalities.



I LOVE this photo- embrace the imperfection!!!




Tip #2 Put your camera on a timer. Use a 10 second timer to race back to your spot and hop into the photo!

Even though I’m off slightly to the top, still love this photo.

Tip #3 Get a remote. Most DSLR come with a remote. Basically what a remote does is press the button for you without having to use the timer or have an awkward hand from taking a selfie.


Search “Remote Shutter” Amazon for the model of your camera. Pretty inexpensive and totally worth it.




I had the timer in my hand here. You can’t even see it!




So mom- hop in there. You want your children to have more than 5 or 6 photos of you with them. 




More about Christal:

I am Christal Marshall, Mom of Three, homeschooler, Pastor’s wife and Sushi FANATIC. I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer serving Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, Virginia. No, my husband and I don’t teach Martial Arts. We were both born in Japan. That’s why our business has a funny name.   We started out with one camera that we bought on Amazon for $400,  and a dream of owning our own business. 5 years later,  we are top 5 on google for our city, published in several online magazines and awarded one of the top wedding photographers in VA Beach for 2016.  Only God could have done this. We have to give credit where credit is due. Don’t you think? 

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