3Milemom ideas for being quarantined with your family

3Milemom ideas for being quarantined with your family

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I am trying to shift my perspective and thinking about this as a sabbath, instead of a snow day. It’s going to be a time to rest, without distractions of our own obligations. It’s a time for us to love the people best right within our own walls. It’s a time to slow, and find new rhythms, to try new things and things we haven’t had a time for. It’s a time to cook and experiment, and a time to be lazy, and watch movies and read books. And also a friendly reminder, mostly to myself, this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint… So let’s do this. Together. Thanks for listening!

Quarantined activities 

  • Outside
    • Walk
    • Run
    • Do speed work in your driveway! Try Sprints
    • Bike
    • Clean up your yard, pull weeds, pick up sticks, rake your leaves
    • Chalk! Play hopscotch, chalk your driveway, your neighbors driveways with a fun message
    • Fly a kit
    • Bubbles!
    • Plant something
    • Play sports!
    • Make a compost pile for gardens/plants
    • Make a bird feeder
    • Bird watch, catalog the birds or animals you see every day


  • Write and send letters 
  • Keep a journal, prayer journal, gratitude
  • Write a store
  • Write a prequel/sequel about your favorite movie


  • Read books (Books I read in 2019)
  • Virtual book club
  • Read books via facetime to others
  • Listen to audio books
  • Book swaps
  • Write a book review, video it!


  • Make and share Playlists 
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Make up dance videos
  • FaceTime others and practice singing, or playing instruments song together
  • Write a song
  • Learn something off YouTube – how to sing, play, read music


  • Run / Walk – doesn’t matter what shape you are in!
  • Yoga 
  • Competitions – push ups, jumping jacks, planks, sit ups


  • Top chef
  • Bake off
  • Bake cookies
  • Bake bread
  • Cook around the world
  • Progressive dinner, each person make/pick one part of the meal
  • Picnic in your home/yard
  • Fancy dinner where everyone dresses up
  • Chocolate chip cookie contest, try a few different recipes and have test testers to make a vote
  • Pretend cooking shows, record making something
  • Make something you don’t normally have time to do 


  • Board games
  • Board games tournament, like a bracket style
  • Puzzles
  • Blocks
  • See what you can build or repurpose from recycling
  • Make your own pictionary, or charades, or “fishbowl”
  • Make up your own scavenger hunt
  • Easter egg hunt (put puzzles pieces, or clues in them)
  • Have a fashion show! Pick themes and find outfits in your own closets to dress up and give fun prizes or awards


  • Paint rocks of encouragement and leave them around your neighborhood
  • Paint recycle goods
  • Make a comic strip/ flip books
  • Make a birdhouse
  • Draw your back/front porch
  • Draw your family
  • Print your pictures and make a photo album, or scrapbook
  • Look at old photos and tell the stories, memories together as a family


  • Pantry
  • Kitchen
  • Basement/Storage
  • Clothes & Closets
  • Toys, books, games – see if you can do a book swap or a game swap
  • Movies/DVDs
  • Photos

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