A walk with Alyssa Janis

A walk with Alyssa Janis

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I had such a fun and honest conversation with Alyssa Janis. Although we’ve only met once in person, it’s been fun to stay connected. Alyssa is married to Jeff Janis, who has played with the Green Bay Packers and practiced with the Cleveland Browns.

Alyssa also talks about how she created a blog called “The Next Play with Mrs. J” as a way to express herself. She shares about how it’s been a place of healing through some of their hard times as they walked through a miscarriage. Alyssa also talks about how it has become an opportunity of connection with women in a way that she never expected.

On this episode she shares about the transition out of the NFL and what her family is up to these days. You’d never guess, but she has a bow just like Katniss Everdeen! She’s expecting her second kiddo this summer and knows life is going to continue to change.

Alyssa shares some great mom hacks at the end, especially if you had toddlers running around your feet while you are trying to make dinner!

Follow Alyssa’s journey and read more of her story at
https://nextplaywithmrsj.net/ or on Instagram at @nextplaywithmrs.j

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