A walk with Alyssa Serchia – AKA I am Strong like Mom

A walk with Alyssa Serchia – AKA I am Strong like Mom

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I had a blast catching up and cheering on Alyssa Serchia from I am Strong like Mom. She is an author, momma of 3 kiddos, and wife of a college football coach living in south Texas.

Alyssa and I talk about her current season with little ones is crazy but she shares about she feels like doing what counts for her family. We also talk about being present and content with where you are instead of looking ahead.

She also shares about the lessons she’s learning the hard way, including slowing down and thinking strategically about her business. I loved her advice for all moms, and I hope you are encouraged by her.

Alyssa also talks about the behind the scenes of her new book, I am Strong like Mom. Her sister illustrated this book. She talks about the process and how it became a project that they grew closer together even though they were an ocean apart.

Alyssa reads us one of her favorite pages from the book, and I cannot wait to get mine to read it to my kiddos. Watch the book trailer, including the letters to moms.

Alyssa reading her book to her kiddos.

Alyssa shares two mom hacks, the first one is practical for those who are doing road trips with little ones. And her second mom hack is a brilliant idea if you are doing bedtime solo!

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