A walk with Andra Good

A walk with Andra Good

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Andra Good and I got together to catch up and it was so good. She shares so many nuggets of truth, life, love and leadership you’ll want to pay close attention.

Andra shares about people, relationships, expectations and going through adoption. I enjoyed learning about adoption and the family that God selected for her and her daughters. She talks in depth about how responding to others is our own choice, and she believes we are better together, with open minds and soft hearts.

Andra uses her words to share wisdom in my own life. In the episode, she shares about leadership and the non-profit she runs, Leigh’s Mission. She shares how being teachable is a skill that’s necessary to lead. Andra shares about walking through the doors God opens, even when her own grief was still raw from the passing of her best friend, Leigh. She reminds me that God wants good things for us. I also found out she learned how to sew on YouTube!

Together, Andra and I led a bible study on motherhood, and even before that I have loved learning from her. She is a beautiful example of showing Christ’s love and sharing what it looks like in her own family unit.

In this episode she shares practical advice and walks us through what it looks like in her own life with her daughters. She gives an example of apologizing to her kids when she’s messed up.

Andra talks about the seasons of motherhood and serving and what it looked like within her family. We laughed as she talks about her 13 year old going on a mission trip for her birthday, but I was encouraged that she was “looking past the end of her nose”, something I’d love to learn myself most days.

Learn more about Leigh’s Mission’s and connect with Andra on Instagram or Facebook.

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