A walk with Andrea Fortenberry

A walk with Andrea Fortenberry

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Join me and Andrea Fortenberry as we walk through what she’s learning and loving this season. Andrea is a few steps ahead of me in my own motherhood journey and she was one of my “mentor moms” as I ran headfirst into motherhood. I have loved learning from her wisdom and advice as I find my own footing in motherhood.

Andrea shares how she’s giving her kids more responsibility, even though it’s easier if she did it herself! She shares what she’s learned the hard way, and you may relate to her own story.

Andrea also shares how she’s recently submitted her book proposal for “The Perfectionist Guide to Motherhood”, and we can’t wait to see it published.

And the mom hack is for all you momma’s who are in the potty training season… Its been a lifesaver for me!

Andrea Fortenberry

PS. Apologies for some of the weird noises in while we recorded – no idea what that is!

PPSS. If you listen close, you can hear BOTH of my kids. <THIS IS REAL LIFE>

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