A walk with Andrew Turner – aka the Walking Dad

A walk with Andrew Turner – aka the Walking Dad

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It was an honor and a privilege to interview Andrew Turner, as the first male guest on Thoughts on a Walk (but not the last!). He is a single dad of two, his youngest has STXBP1 – same as my son Mason.

Andrew lives in British Columbia and in the past few years has started to hike again, with both boys. Hiking and camping was something he loved to do before he had kids and shares a few lessons that he’s been learning along his journey.

He shares about how The Walking Dad got started, and encourages us to all get moving. Andrew blogs and photographs his family’s hikes and shares helpful tips and resource for other special needs families who might need some additional accessibility information to plan for a hike. Regardless if your family needs accessible trails, Andrew shares advice for any family about hiking and getting outdoors.

Its obvious his boys are the light of his life, and he shares how and what it’s like raising them. This specific blog post about his son Lachlan is mentioned in the episode and if you read it, I know you will want to hear more.

If you know a single parent, Andrew gives some advice that was helpful for him. He also shares what’s the most impactful things his friends do for his special needs son.

Andrew shares two great parenting hacks that are great for kids of any age.

Follow him and his journey on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thewalkingdad_ca/

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