A walk with Chelsea Kim Long

A walk with Chelsea Kim Long

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My college roommate Chelsea Kim Long and I had a great conversation. We’re in completely different seasons now than we were at the University of Toledo together and I love what she had to share with me.

She’s a wife, mom of three kiddos (including a set a twins!). She claims that her husband and her are the king and queen of the side hustle! She lives in the heart of San Diego and they have converted their garage into an AirBnB space.

Chelsea works for Whole 30 supporting a program for Whole Mamma Club, that supports women during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Chelsea shares how she stays present by creating a sustainable schedule and being realistic about what she can actually accomplish. We talk about how every mom has their own unique challenges, and not compare our hardships to each other. We all have different capacity to deal with our own challenges.

Chelsea also talks about how she is loving learning more about yoga philosophy, and how mindfulness, meditation and connecting with God and what it looks like in her own faith. Yoga has given her tools for how to deal with anxiety and worry, that she inspires to pass down to her children.

She shares about her entry into motherhood, and how she learned the hard way about doing the hard work of healing on yourself. She speaks about in order to raise healthy kids, you need to be healthy.

Chelsea and her husband take the concept of community to the next level and a great example of what true community looks like. It’s part of their story, how they met and its a core value of their lives. They’ve built a community with the people in their neighborhood, and opened up their home and create spaces for people to connect, especially for those who would never step foot into a church.

Her mom hack at the end is so wise and something I am going to think about in my own life.

Read more about Chelsea’s story on her blog including her journey through postpartum, infertility, and lots more.

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