A Walk with Emily Korosec – aka Running Across Ohio

A Walk with Emily Korosec – aka Running Across Ohio

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Emily Korosec, or Running Across Ohio, and I crossed paths on Instagram when I first started 3Milemom. She lives about 20 minutes away from me and we’ve met up a few times since I moved to Ohio. When we first met we were walking and talking like old friends, even though we’d only ever chatted on Instagram!

Emily runs half marathons in Ohio and raises money for causes she cares about, raising over $19K so far. However, as you listen, this season has been one of the hardest in her life. Listen in as Emily shares about learning patience, asking for help, and literally resting, when the world around you keeps moving.

This episode was fun to record but I know this season has not been fun for Emily. Sometimes in our seasons, we are in the thick of it, smack in the middle. Yet, I am glad she took a moment in the middle of a difficult season to be vulnerable about what she’s loving and learning in the midst of it.

Listen to the very end to hear an update on Emily since recording this episode.

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