A walk with Heather Jones

A walk with Heather Jones

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I laughed and cried during my conversation with Heather Jones. She is a wife and mamma to 3, her youngest has the same genetic disorder as my son Mason, STXBP1.

Heather’s life is full and she shares about how life has changed yet running is something is constant. Running makes her tick, its her escape.
Heather is an avid runner, including a Boston Marathoner, but she shares how she has used running to bring awareness to STXBP1.

Heather ran 36.5 miles to celebrate Camden’s first birthday and did not run a single step alone. She raised over $10,000 for STXBP1 and has run a handful of race since then to bring awareness to STXBP1. When she shares about her community showing up to support her family, I can barely contain myself.

Heather finishes her 36.5 miles.

Heather also shares what she’s learning this season, and I know you’ll relate. She talks about running and how those people are helping heal her soul, one mile at a time. Heather confides about the reality of asking for help, for their family and their sanity. And she shares about how she swallows her pride and asked her mom for help in a really big way this past year.

Heather talks about she dives head first into the things she’s passionate about and she knows its all for a reason. I am also a super fan of her #momhack too! It’s so good, and such a great time saver.

Here’s the link you can use if you are interested in donate to STXBP1 research and foundation.

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