A walk with Kari Juola

A walk with Kari Juola

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I started my motherhood journey with Kari Juola, our first born daughters were born on the same day. She’s an Air Force wife and mom to two girls in Louisiana.

We talk about her current season, life with littles. We walk through the day to day of motherhood and what she’s learning and loving in this season.

Kari also shares about her husband Brian and his time in weapon school and how her family works through the different times he’s away. Brian has been deployed twice and Kari shares about how she and her family got through the time apart. Her family and community and big celebrations after the hard work helped pass the time.

Kari shares about what she’s learning this season, more specifically from the bible study she’s doing “No Other Gods, by Kelly Minter”. She talks about the idols in our lives, and some that show up that we may not even realize it was an idol, like fear or anxiety.

Kari shares about generosity, but probably not in the way that you would think. She talks about she’s learning to be more generous to her children, her husband. And to be more generous to her community with her skills and talents. It’s leading her to love big instead of wondering what she will get in return.

We talk about how to make the most out a season when you are solo parenting. Kari shares about being intentional about communication with her husband throughout the time he’s away, as well as what she can do to support him too. She also had to think and prepare for his return back to family life and what that new normal looks like.

We also talk about parenting, and the score-keeping or resentment that could come along with it when your partner is away, either for a long deployment or on a quick business trip. She also talks about we have to communicate with our spouses to let them know when we need help, it’s our opportunity to parent side by side with them.

Her mom hack is a good reminder to take time for God even when you are doing the thing you dread, like pumping or taking out the trash.

If you want to connect with Kari – feel free to send her a note at [email protected]

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