A walk with Laura Chima

A walk with Laura Chima

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My mom Laura Chima and matriarch of our family joined me today on the podcast. It was so much fun chatting with her and having her share a bit about her season.

Laura has four adult children who are all close in age! My mom shares a few stories of what it was like raising kids at such a young age. She shares about joining a mom’s group that helped her survive the crazy chaos of motherhood. Many of whom are still friends to this day.

Laura talks about a few different seasons she’s been through. She shares about how her identity has shifted and what that looks like in the day to day hasn’t always been easy. From learning boundaries and loving the flexibility, she shares about current season and how the transition into retirement looks different than she expected.

If you know Laura you know she’s the queen of hacks, she’s super thrifty and always got a DIY project in the works. She shares the two guns she thinks every mom needs – a staple gun and a glue gun.

It was an honor to hear her perspective on this current season. I’m grateful for all the help and support she’s given me in all of the seasons of my life.

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