A walk with Shelia Hail

A walk with Shelia Hail

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I got to chat and catch up with one of my very best friends, Shelia Hail. She lives in greater Houston area in Texas, and gives us her story about how her family landed there. She’s a momma of two and wife to Matt. She has her own interior decorating business, Olivia Hail Designs.

She talks about the challenges that she has in motherhood and what she’s learning and loving in the midst of it. She shares what it’s like raising kids, and parenting her kiddos out of response instead of reaction. Shelia talks about how the big emotions of her daughter and how have been a good lesson to learn, even if it is the hard way.

Shelia shares about what she’s learning this past year specifically about boundaries. She says “before I say “Yes, I ask myself if I’ll will regret it later?”. Shelia’s honest about her anxiety and what it has meant for her mental health and her family.

We talk a lot about control and boundaries, and if you are interested in learning more, check out Henry Cloud’s book Boundaries.

Shelia also talks about how important it is to find people who can help you through life, and to be proactive instead of reactive, in mental health, leadership and in their marriage. They have mentors that they meet with and talk and work through their big and small things in these more recent seasons.

She and I met in Arizona, and she talks about how she was given opportunity to pursue creative outlets of designing spaces to create community and memories. This was the beginning of her new business of interior decorating, Olivia Hail Designs. She talks about this and shares some insights, especially helpful if you are not super creative like myself. I love how she shares what she’s learning from mistakes, and how its shaping her business.

Shelia’s mom hack is beautiful (see below) and helpful! I am going to try and find a place for our family to hang up and hang out.

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