A walk with Steve Nguyen

A walk with Steve Nguyen

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Steve and I have worked together since 2012, and for awhile was on a speaking circuit sharing about Yammer and new ways of working together with technology.

Him and his wife Kim did something different for Christmas 2018. They did away with their normal traditions, and did a year of experiences. Often times I hear or I read blogs about people wanting to do this, but Steve and his family lived this. Steve shares about their different experiences and what memories that he and his family are making.

He also shares what it was like, giving you some practical tips, and how some things didn’t work perfectly, but they won’t be going back to what they did in years past. They’ve also noticed a difference in their boys, and what they ask for celebrations.

Steve shares about his boys, and each of them finding their own place, even being so close in age. He shares about his own perspective is different as he is an only child, and what he’s been learning about sibling rivalry, something he never experienced before!

Finally, I love Steve’s technology hacks for his kids. While we aren’t quite at that stage, I am tucking these away for the near future.

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