Mason Update

Mason Update

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Since the beginning and the first episode, I haven’t done a full update on what’s been going on in Mason’s world so here it is!

I first share about his progress in therapy, including PT, OT, Speech and vision. You’ll hear what’s important right now and what we are working on.

Next I share some of Mason’s favorite things, just like Oprah! This was fun for me to think through because a few months ago I wasn’t sure if Mason had any preference.

I also share about the Shopping Cart project that we are working on, what our field trip was like and the prototype that followed. I also share about how we got the project accepted by a program called the Inclusioneers, where University of Akron students are paired with a project and mentors from the business world to help bring this product to life. We should be starting soon and I am excited.

If you haven’t heard me share about Miles for Mason and the Move to Cure STXBP1 Events, there’s still time to sign up or donate! Check out the events page on 3Milemom for the specific meet up details.

And finally I share what we’re hopeful for this season, and how we talk about the progression we’ve seen so far. Thanks for your support!

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