“Why I Run” Series Recap

Earlier this year, I made a post on social media asking for women to share “WHY they run” for a blog series. Hopeful, I was expecting maybe 2 or 3 women. Then I was blown away with the response and the vulnerability that these ladies shared in their blog posts.

Some of these women I have know for many years, others I have only met on Instagram or Facebook or through mutual friends. Regardless I loved that they’ve lefts their stories here for the 3MileMom community to read over and over again. Through heartache, anxiety, miscarriage, death and yet finding peace and joy, and Disney and perseverance, kids, and getting PRs and winning, its been so amazing to watch their stories unfold about why they run.

If you missed one, or want to read a few more here’s the recap!


Have a story or want to share your journey? Send me an email [email protected] or a note via Facebook (3milemom). Would love to share your story of why you run to encourage other women.